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September 2019 Update

Although it may seem that things have gone a little quiet in terms of the future regeneration plans for both Matson and Podsmead, we just wanted to assure you that a lot of hard work has been going on in the background. We are continuing to try and find ways to fully fund the replacement of existing social housing and build new affordable homes for people to rent or own.

City Council’s Consultation

In August 2019, the City Council ended its 3 month consultation with residents and stakeholders in both communities to gather their views on the overarching planning principles for Matson and Podsmead. This is called the ‘Supplementary Planning Document’ or SPD and the results of this consultation will be published shortly. The results will give all key stakeholders a clear picture of what to expect in terms of the future design of new homes, car parking arrangements, local amenities, environment and community priorities. These principles will need to be followed whenever planning applications are submitted as part of the regeneration developments over the coming years. 

What we are currently working on

At GCH we have been revising our plans to ensure we can support a realistic and affordable regeneration programme. The GCH Board has asked for three options to be presented to them towards the end of this year that will: 

Additionally, the City Council has also been considering whether they can provide some of their land to help with the regeneration and we should know if this is possible in the next few months. 

We are continuing to work with Government to identify if there is any funding available to support regeneration, but as we all know the government situation is unpredictable at the moment due to Brexit, so we will see what happens in the next few months.  

We hope to bring our revised plans back to the community for consultation later this year or early in the New Year.